23 December 2008

This Is How It's Done: AC/DC, Angus Young

I have 'wrapper's wrist' as I have been doing too much gift-wrapping at work, (77 yesterday alone, but who's counting?), so the actual written descriptions for the last few days may not make it on here. However, there is one snippet of video from last Thursday's AC/DC concert in Charlotte that must make the cut...here and now.

Forget about separating the men from the boys, for we are about to separate the gods from the mere mortals. Gods with guitars anyway, and those are always the best kind.

The following, ladies and gentlemen, is how a guitar solo is supposed to be if it's done within a serious rock n' roll band. God bless AC/DC: still rockin' after all of these years, and they've been performing all over the world almost as long as I've been alive. Frankly, no further build-up is even necessary. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. Angus Young.

Angus Young doing part of his full-length tour de force solo, at the end of the "Let There Be Rock" at the Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC, December 18, 2008. (The first link here will take you to a vintage 1977 video on YouTube, featuring the late, great former lead singer Bon Scott. Rest in peace, Bon, rest in peace.) And, yes, like many others taking pictures or doing short snippets such as this one, I did get permission from the security personnel before doing so. Sorry about the 'bounce' with the camera, it really could not be avoided from where I was standing. Also apologies about the short length here, too...I have a longer, better solo I tried repeatedly to upload...but Blogger has video size limits unfortunately.

I don't think I impress that easily and I've seen dozens and dozens of shows, of all rank and file and in varied location. The good ones sometimes escape your memory, but you remember the really bad ones and you 'chisel in stone' the totally fantastic ones. This AC/DC show is not only 'chisel'-worthy, but I'm honestly trying to determine if this is the all-time best show I've seen. (Its only strong competitor is Bruce Springsteen at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill back in 1992, I think...a marathon show even by Bruce standards...that went well on into the night, and had us long-suffering-in-the-bleed-seats undergrads make it down to dance during the three or four encores.) When you consider the youngest of the lads in this band is an eternally-youthful 53 years (Angus) and the band's reputation speaks for itself, it is a bit mind-blowing that they can still take on...and still take down...all comers.

Though I grumbled when I first bought the ticket, arguably this turned out to be one of the best 'arena' shows I've been to in ages. The 'lads' (as it were, for rockers are never to get old), still have it in spades.

At the very minimum, an absolute 'must see' if you're a classic rock fan at all.

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