25 December 2008

Merry Christmas...Y'all

Merry Christmas, friends and others just stopping by. I hope it's a great one for everybody, no matter where you are in life or wherever you find yourself situated.

I, myself, have already slept in some, but will partake in some homemade pizza, homemade beer, and homemade pumpkin pie later in the day with some friends. (Who says the holidays require 'traditional' food fare?) And I'll finish it with either a chaser of football on the telly or some overly-romantic British period piece...I have not decided yet. Thank heavens we're one of the (very few, it seems) places in the States not half-buried under snow or ice this year...instead, the lawn here on the farm is gleaming still from the morning dew and the warmth of a sun breaking through. It's a damn good day to be alive and I am thankful for that.

As per my usual (although I'm tardy this year, I know), I give you some of my favourite songs/videos of the holiday season. This time, it's a repeat classic which I shall never tire of: Robert Earl Keen's "Merry Christmas From the Family". While it has been covered now by any number of artists, this is the one I consider the original, and therefore, the best version. I'm never sure why it appeals to me the way it does...maybe it's because I actually knew some families like this way back in the day while still living in the Midwest??...but it's always cranked up when played on the radio.

Enjoy the Family, folks.

Robert Earl Keen singing the infamous 'Southern' theme song of Christmas: "Merry Christmas From the Family". Video clip from YouTube.

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