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Copyright Policy


Copyright Infringement Claims

To supplement the original work of the Reverberating Dream blog, it also occasionally uses public domain, Creative Commons, and fair use product in its content. Reasonable attempts are made to give/conduct proper communication to those with content items that still require attribution. If you believe your content appears on this blog in violation of the above and you want the item in question removed, please contact the blog's owner immediately and provide the following details: full name, address, contact phone number and/or email, details of where said violation appears on the blog, and details and active link from which the content was allegedly taken. After researching your concerns, the blog owner will be in contact with you ASAP.

Use of Copyrighted Material From Blog

If you like any content from this blog and wish to use it elsewhere, please follow this Copyright Policy :
  • Original photographic images and videos are strictly copyrighted, and can be linked to/used only with specific and written permission from the owner, and only for a specific duration. Any other use will result in requests for removal and/or any other legal avenues available.
  • After getting the required permission from the owner, you can then make use of the content, as outlined in the specific approvals granted.
  • Do not copy the full content of a post, and a maximum of one paragraph (approximately a maximum of 5-7 sentences) is deemed acceptable.
  • You must clearly indicate that this content is directly owned and taken with permission from the Reverberating Dream blog and you must give all proper credits to the owner's blog and images.
  • Hotlinking to our images or files is not authorized.

Only Copy Content with Attribution

Per established and current copyright law, attribution is the requirement used to acknowledge or credit the author of a work if it is used or appears in another work.
Attribution is required by most copyright licenses. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the blog's owner (however, that does not mean that the owner endorses you or your use of the work).
You are allowed to copy our content with proper attribution only. If the owner discovers that any of this blog's content, including the illegal use of any photographic images or videos, has been used without consent, formal complaints will be filed with the violator's web hosting company, Google and other relevant search engines, and through whatever other legal avenues are available.

Note : Please make sure that you obey these copyright rules and policies. If you have questions about these policies, contact the owner first before using any content. Failure to do so can lead to legal consequences for the violator.

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