18 December 2008

And She's Somewhere Down the Highway

I will do a post of all the recent activities sometime this weekend, promise.

Just made it back from a day trip to Kill Devil Hills, NC, to the Orville and Wilbur Wright Memorial (in honour of the 105th anniversary of the First documented Flight), and also to Manteo, NC. Photos, details, and observations on that to come this weekend as well. Tons of pictures, actually...might end up as another slideshow you'll click through to see them all. Fabulous weather for all sorts of sightseeing yesterday, too.

Today, I am heading off to Charlotte to watch AC/DC's concert tonight at the Time Warner Arena there. Don't think they allow cameras for the show, but I'm sure I'll have some comments about it after I recover.

Nothing like crossing the state for events on two separate days...

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