01 September 2008

The Siege Has Ended

Two notes, one good and one bad, and then I'm off to bed...

  • The bad news is...that I will need to reload my posts and pictures from the nine or so entries that went 'poof' from August. Apparently what I was seeing as published here was not the same as what y'all were not seeing published there. Moral to the story: always double-check the final product. I'm still at a loss as to what happened and when, but some re-creation will be necessary. I'm waving the white flag on this one and will just have to re-post what's been lost.

  • The good news is...that the progressive rock festival from this weekend is finally over and we have the environs surrounding the site back to its normal tranquility. Which means I can now sleep again without headphones, or read without headphones, or prepare meals without headphones. It was bad enough that the road had its parking moments and that the trash bins are more than overflowing and scattered about. But it was that the bass sounds (which I am sure were much improved if one was close to the stage to actually hear the music) that were so reverberating at times that it echoed not only around the structures, but actually also through them, too. Moral to the story: over-amplified music festivals, open pastures, and partially subterranean structures generally do not mix. Nor does my patience for having to wait out some of the performances for my sanity.

    But, for now anyway, calm has been restored to the Kingdom. And I'll restart all of this again tomorrow.
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