26 August 2008

I'm On the Case...Posts are MIA

I'm not sure what has happened nor when here, but the August posts have went AWOL from the blog. I've written an email to the powers that be at Blogger, but please be patient with me...hopefully I will get them all restored by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. In the meantime, if the 'regulars' could shoot me an email (see address in the right sidebar, red background) and let me know when you last noticed the August ones here, I would be greatly appreciative. (Last post should have been this past Sunday's about the local John Edwards extramarital affair fallout.)

I did do some 'behind-the-curtain' code changes, but nothing that should have zapped any of the actual posts. In theory anyway...

Sorry for the inconvenience, people. I'll get this ship back up and pronto. (My Live365 radio station, though, has been checked and is working fine.)

1 comment:

ricky said...

I don't remember seeing any August posts