10 August 2008

And the Games Stop for No One...

...apparently not even those who should have come out there wearing flour sacks instead. Even I, not being a fashion plate by any means, knew the following picture (below, the top one is from some of the Chinese performers during the opening ceremonies) from the Hungarian team was just a horrible and God-awful spectacle. Even the hats were unflattering. The ensembles just looked like a flock of birds had red-paint bombed some perfectly good ladies' suits. So bad a display it was that it clearly stopped conversation last night at Tir Na Nog, and when that happens at an Irish bar, with half-drunken people on a summery Friday night...you know it was really, really bad.

© NBC Olympics®, NBC, 2008. From the NBC Olympics website.

That said, I hope the Hungarian women win some medals and then go back and kick their uniform designer's ass into oblivion. Or roast and then eat the damn birds he/she used. And then I hope they hold a massive bonfire to burn such uniforms, all while celebrating their medal count.

Other that horrible misstep, just how damn spectacular were those Opening Ceremonies? Stunning, absolutely stunning. Glad to see all the money we Americans have been sending over there through the purchase of cheap imports at our local Wal-Mart® has really paid off. Suddenly London's work for the 2012 Games got a helluva lot harder. However, I take heart in knowing that if any group of people can pull off show and pomp and circumstance and hyperbole, it is indeed very much the Brits. They need to get to work straightaway, though.

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