27 July 2008

Techno Gadget of the Month: Scribd®

I've found a cool new site that I had not seen before, although (as usual) millions of others already have. It's called Scribd®, and it lets you upload all sorts of documents for public consumption. Some really good reading can be found there, but some other entries (as one might expect) are truly crap. Lots of e-books and the similar online sales propaganda. However, it's really cool to read (or download, or print) some of those old books you've been meaning to read, but always forget about when milling around at the used book store. I've also found some templates for work and/or organization that I find intriguing. Some things I question possible copyright infringement on, but I figure Scribd®'s got their own lawyers and removal system for those things. Use your discretion and common sense if you wonder about the legality of these items, as you really should with anything you encounter...not just with the internet, but with everything in life. (Daily sap comment added in for free.) Really some interesting stuff to be found there, though...sort of like a study group (complete with some really horribly written class notes) for the web.

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