06 June 2008

There's Only One Temperature

Dear Lord:

I am thankful for moving to a semi-basement apartment that is partially built into a hillside, and that move has greatly reduced my energy costs as a result.

I am thankful that a neighbour here on the farm has a pool which I can visit and enjoy for a mere $2 a day, should I feel so inclined.

I am thankful that I have budgeted my expenses as such this year so as to not need to go out for entertainment or solitude, but rather can have both from my living room.

I am thankful that, with the exception of one batch so far, my (and the Wise Ricky's) attempts at home brewing beer have been successful and I have several I can sample from, even now. And they are really good cold, even.

I am thankful that I love bubble baths and choose to do that (while reading) as a relaxation method.

And, as always, I'm thankful I woke up again this morning, am in good health and in good spirits, and you're giving me another chance to go out and try life again today.

However, on days such as today and for the immediate ones to come...

Seven-day forecast starting June 6, 2008, from the really good folks over at NBC 17 TV in Raleigh, North Carolina

...I ask you to help me keep the little truck running well enough until I can finally have someone repair its air conditioning. Or fix its right side window to roll down further, whichever comes first and costs less to repair.

In Your name I pray,

She Who Drives Without Freon

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