04 June 2008

Quote of the Day Re: Scarlett O'Hillary

Good morning, ladies and gents. We have both good news and bad news to report this fine morn. The good news: we finally have presumptive nominees for President from both major parties (Barack Obama for the Democrats and John McCain for the Republicans) and perhaps now we can focus on the issues of November's general election. The bad news: Hillary Clinton is in severe denial she's not one of those candidates, and seems very unwilling to give up her ego-driven dreams of yielding power at any cost.

In other words...Senator Clinton seems quite determined to stay on the campaign road and may (stress the word may) drag this electoral nonsense out even further. There was no concession speech last night from her, nor was there even an acknowledgement that Senator Obama had finally garnered enough delegates to win the nomination. Instead, what came about was a calculated piece of political machinery: she stole the attention from Obama and now has everyone wondering what exactly are her terms of surrender? Finally, I suppose, now everyone can understand why the Hillary Clinton Nutcrackers are such an apropos novelty item: it fits the candidate's strong-arm (er, leg) behaviours. LBJ would be proud.

In the South, we have a generations-old saying that goes something like this: "A lady always knows when to leave." Clearly, all of the years and miles Senator Clinton has traveled across the South, either on her own or on behalf of her husband's pursuits, have done little to pick up and apply that wise advice.

The wonderful Maureen Dowd from "The New York Times" has the best quote of the morning about Ms. Clinton's unchecked political strategies:

He thought a little thing like winning would stop her?

Oh, Bambi.

Whoever said that after denial comes acceptance hadn’t met the Clintons.

If Hillary could not have an acceptance speech, she wasn’t going to have acceptance.

“It’s never going to end,” sighed one Democrat who has been advising Hillary. “We’re just moving to a new phase.”

Somewhere, I can hear the final scene of Margaret Mitchell's great novel, "Gone With the Wind", being used as a battle-cry within the Clinton camp: "After all, tomorrow is another day!” And, unfortunately for the rest of us who would desperately like the electoral process to move forward for a change, it is.

So the war apparently rages on...

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