07 June 2008

"My Boys" Are Back

In my true sports-loving, beer-swilling, cards-playing 'tomgirl' style, I am addicted to this show over on TBS. The lead character in this series, "PJ", as portrayed by the darling Jordana Spiro, is a sportswriter living and working in beautiful Chicago. And, God help her, just like me and legendary political columnist George Will, the lead is a bit of Chicago Cubs fan!! (In about the only comparison I will ever have with Mr. Will...I, too, am just a frustrated sports writer.) Spiro is surrounded by a simply wonderful ensemble cast...comedians Jim Gaffigan and Jamie Kaler were the ones I was familiar with before this show...and all are guided by some excellent (albeit at times a bit quirky) scripts.

As we 'tomgirls' from real life can attest, most of our dearest friends are real guys...guys who don't mind we know as much (if not more) about sports as they do, guys who don't mind (perhaps even like) having us sit in with them for a game of poker, guys who are respectful that we have strong opinions and pay attention when we speak them, guys who don't mind us not always having 'perfect' makeup on while we're drinking our beer and eating our hot dogs. I've said this several ways here on the blog and countless times in real life, and although I get bashed for it occasionally, it is so true for me: it is an accepted universal 'tomgirl' code of law that men are the more dependable, more loyal, and more understandable friends to have (as compared to women). We 'tomgirls' all have about one good girlfriend who we can turn to in a pinch, but mostly we hang out with the fellas and love it. Clearly, 'tomgirls' are not the intended audience for "Cosmo" magazine (nor for the now-infamous drink of the same name, for that matter). Men aren't the enemy, men aren't prey to be hunted down, slept with, married, and mortgaged. Instead, men are our best friends.

I know I'm sentimentally drawn to the "PJ" character because her dreams run so much to my own, but I can't help recommending this show to practically everyone I meet. Lightweight and breezy, yet nothing is canned and features some universal truths/myths about the differences between women and men. This show truly is a guilty pleasure of mine...one of the few for television I still have. My only complaints: TBS needs to expand this show to an hour-long format, and give this team a longer viewing season in which to shine.

You can check out the show's website here.

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