09 November 2007

It's Party Time at The Lincoln Theatre!

You can easily file this under the 'better late than never' concert announcements category. This damn work thing, interrupting my blogging...

The Lincoln Theatre in downtown Raleigh is bringing out the big guns this weekend, especially for those of us who adore a little twang in our guitar and a little drawl in our song. Not just one, but two, of my fave trio bands (and masters in this particular musical art form) blow in there tonight and Saturday.

The SCOTS 'Family Album' pic: Dave Hartman, Rick Miller, and Miss Mary Huff. © Southern Culture on the Skids

First up, tonight, November 9, is our good Chapel Hill-based heroes, Southern Culture on the Skids (SCOTS). Always a good time to be had, complete with bouffant hairdos, flat straw hats, and enough dancing to meet your exercise quotient for the week. I'm sure it will include a good set from their latest release, "Countrypolitan Favorites", as well as some of their classics, including "Camel Walk" and "Eight Piece Box", among many, many more.

(And for those that read my review of their Wilmington show from earlier this year, yes, I am taking precautions tonight with the glasses...no need to tempt fate twice.)

Wear comfortable clothes and even more comfortable shoes...you're gonna need them. The show starts at 9pm, the doors open at 8pm, parking in and around the area is in constant 'flux' due to construction downtown so get there early. A few tickets are still available and cost $14.

And come prepared to make friends with all of the fellow dancers, fans, and fried chicken and grits lovers in attendance.


Tomorrow, Saturday, November 10, should be an additional corker. In what will assuredly be a marathon of guitar-playing heroes and a crowd worthy enough to wear "Vamp Red" lipstick, the Lincoln pulls out Texas-based touring gods Reverend Horton Heat. If you have not seen these guys in person, or even heard of them, it's a 'must see' if you can make it. Comprised of 'Reverend' Jim Heath on lead vocals and lead guitar, master upright bass master Jimbo Wallace, and drummer Paul Simmons, this is the best damn psychobilly band period in my all of my years of listening and attending shows...and, arguably, also one of the best live shows I've ever seen, too.

The fact that The Rev & Company are masters of their chosen instruments is a massive understatement. The Rev is simply the guitar god all of us wanted to be when we were younger, and still the god that so many musicians want to be even now. And the very expressive Jimbo on upright bass...it's a powerful combo up front, and a show that has been honed down through the years with relentless touring and 'anything can happen and maybe even does' kind of shows. The licks, the lyrics, the interaction can be fast and furious, the style an explosive attack of electric guitar war mixed with good-timin' Texas twang and humour. Again, a 'must' see, if you can can still get a ticket.

The Reverend Jim Heath with Jimbo Wallace on stage. © The Reverend Horton Heat

While I'll miss the opening act I saw with The Rev last year at Jester's Pub in Fayetteville (the punk-inspired yet vaudeville show of The Horror Pops), the two opening acts tomorrow should be dandies in their own right. (And, no, I am not making up the bands' names.) First up, is Nashville Pussy. Don't know too much about them, but I didn't either about The Horror Pops and was left blown away...the Rev generally has some great opening acts as support, so I'm far from worried. And, then following, an act I've wanted to see (but keep missing somehow) for some time: Hank Williams III and Assjack (and, yes, this is who you think it is, country music fans...he is the son of Hank Williams, Jr., and the grandson of Hank Williams, Sr.).

Yes, it will be a night of dancing, drinking, hollering, cussing, and comparing tattoos (if you've got 'em). And if there is any fighting at all, my money's always on Jimbo. Always, always, always. Never underestimate the skills of an upright bass player...they will always surprise you.

The RHH show and Friends show starts at 8:30pm, the doors open at 7:30pm. Tickets are $22.50 in advance, and $25 tomorrow. (Act EARLY...don't even know how many are still available.)

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