07 November 2007

Hibernian Hercs Celebration

Quick post this morning, as I'm still a bit sore from doing too much recycling this weekend and then got a tad bit too much anesthetic yesterday from receiving new fillings at the dentist. So, I'm a bit cranky because my shoulder muscles are still sore, and I'm starvin' because I couldn't eat anything last night because I couldn't feel my face...let alone control the whole eating, chewing, and non-slobbering processes. And this was from standard dentistry nerve-numbers, I can't even fathom what Botox® must be like afterward the injections...

My favourite Irish bluegrass instrumentally gifted faves, Hercules Mulligan, will be back on stage tonight for their fortnightly set at The Hibernian in Cary. The show starts at 8pm. Get there a bit earlier to enjoy the beer and the food, as both are good (and the menu has been slightly updated...and also unfortunately that includes a bit more in the price area, but only minor changes...recently).

Additionally, in what I hope will be a developing trend, the Hercs will be playing this weekend in downtown Raleigh at Tir Na Nog. (Yes, in case you haven't guessed it, there aren't a lot of paying venues in the area...yet...for Irish bluegrass instrumentally gifted musicians. My other Celtic-related faves, Albannach, blew threw Tir Na Nog on October 24...same night as the Hercs show in Cary...damn it, need better scheduling for these guys...arghh. This 'not being able to be at two places at once' thing sucks.)

The Hercs did a very well-received show there on October 27 (complete with a birthday and engagement shout-outs to the crowd, some of whom came dressed in their best Halloween attire), so it's fabulous to see them back there for a weekend gig. (It's tough to truly appreciate the beauty of Irish drinking songs if you have to limit your consumption of the drink because you have to work in the morning...weekend gigs for Irish music are fabulous.) The Tir Na Nog show (I'm guessing) will start at around 7pm this Saturday, November 10. Get there early, if you can, for the show due to possible increased parking considerations...I know of at least 3 live shows (including this one) that will be bringing in fellow party-revelers all around the area that night.

And remember to tip your bartender/wait staff!

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