12 November 2007

Recovering from Sensory Overload

Wow. What a weekend. My ears are in withdrawal, and my feet still ache from the dancing. But I do it again in a heartbeat, even less than that.

While a full review will follow tomorrow (complete with pics, hopefully, after I can do some editing of them for clarity), I'm including a brief 'video guide' of what you've missed. (Video clips from YouTube, as per my usual.) Except live it was like these videos times a factor of, oh, like, a hundred.


Friday night, Southern Culture on the Skids:

SCOTS doing "69 El Camino"...Friday night it was one of the opening songs in their set and it only got cranked up more even after that. They finished with their very participatory "Eight Piece Box" song, complete with flying chicken pieces thrown out into the crowd. Earlier, we'd had real banana puddin' passed around.

Saturday night, the opening act was Nashville Pussy:

Honest to God, this four piece blew everyone away at the beginning and damn near stole the whole damn night, especially with this rendition of the old Tina Turner "Nutbush City Limits" classic. The female lead guitarist (foreground in this video) reminds me of a young Lita Ford mixed with Joan Jett from their Runaways days. Smoked the house, period.

Then, we moved on to Hank III, otherwise known as Hank Williams, Sr.'s grandson. Truly a style and voice all of his own. He had me with his modified country with attitude songs, but damn near lost me when he morphed into the way-too-much, way-too-angry hard rock meets punk Assjack portion of the show. I admit it, I was starting to feel really old during the Assjack portion.

Hank III doing "7 Months, 39 Days"...before Assjack and the bottom of the rest of his set went completely buck wild.

And, finally...once I got my bearings back after the Assjack assault, out came the heroes (and headliners) of the night: The Reverend Horton Heat. The Rev and the Boys seemed especially appreciative of the crowd, and it was good to know a friend 'who had a friend in Jimbo'. Jimbo, the upright bass player, seemed to definitely be on his game that night. I swear he only gets better each time I see him, too.

The Reverend Horton Heat cranking away at one of their must-do crowd faves: "The Baddest of the Bad". The drummer has changed since this video, but the sound is as tight and thumping as ever. Easily one of the hardest-working bands out there, and always worth the price of admission.

Hopefully I can get some pics and a full review on here sometime tomorrow. Highly recommended.

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