10 October 2007

...To See What Condition I'm In

Stopping by again, now that I've got the computer and the photo downloading software speaking in a temporary truce. It's rather troubling to see exactly how much crap you can have on a computer that needs to be reloaded again after a reformat. (Or for that matter, all the crap that was on there that should never been added in the first place.) It's even more headache-inducing when one realizes that all the backup and/or installation disks seem to have spread to the four corners of the world when everything was working so well all those many years. Just when I needed them most...I discover they've went on permanent vacation.

On the medical front, there's a mixed bag of news. I'm doing somewhat better and my energy levels are on the rise again, which really could not have come at a better time for me. The good news is we may have stumbled upon a plan of treatment to help get me back to 'pre-exhausted' state; the bad news is we've stumbled across it while focusing on a working 'diagnosis' of some sort of an auto-immune disorder. The jury's still out and while we all know I'm a tad bit weird mentally, I'm really hoping I've not become so much so physically. For probably the first time in many years in my life, I'm actually hoping I test out 'normal'. (That last statement alone shows I'm not at my regular level of performance, if anything ever did.)

Your prayers, emails, and best wishes are and have been very much appreciated.

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