11 October 2007

Hercules Mulligan Redux

Well, for what seems like ages given my 'under the weather' state, their fortnightly playing schedule at The Hibernian in Cary, and a slight change in the music due to vocalist Chris King's schedule the last go around, the WR and I made it last night to see the mighty Hercules Mulligan play again last night and I could thoroughly enjoy it without pain or fatigue. It was a very nice tonic for me, especially since I've been sort of 'hit and miss' lately with my multitude of wellness issues and I've really missed them, really felt I wasn't giving them their proper attention. I admit it: I'm a Hercs groupie and I need my biweekly fix. Good music and good friends can be the cure to what ails you.

I will have a much more detailed review (complete with brief note on a very drunk 'Beverly Hillbillies'-type wanker who added some ahem colour to the night), but I'm off to work right now. (Preview highlight: I thought I was going to have to enact the 'he's not gay, he's my boyfriend/husband' routine with Richard to get this guy to move. Said wanker was an overachiever at three and a half sheets to the wind. Unfortunately, when I went to fetch beer and occasionally afterwards, I saw something a bit worse...and probably a first for a Hercs set, I'll presume even. Although, in the process of discussing said wanker, Richard clarified to me what can/cannot be done by straight people in a bar versus gay guys in a gay bar. Good to know...LOL. I'm telling you, the things one can learn while listening to a great band play Irish and bluegrass music...now you understand why Richard is known as 'Wise' Ricky/Richard.)

Here are some pics from last night, enjoy:

The very entertaining and 'too hard on his own singing' Chris King (left) playing the boudrain (Chris, in addition to the lead vocal duties, does one mean whistle, too) and Dave Cauthron on guitar.

The multitasker bluegrass pros, who play 2-4 (more?) instruments every gig (and personally Zack's knowledge would probably scare me if I knew the extent of his musical talent): Zack Mondry on the left and Chris Mankoff on the right.

While I can remember Dave doing some singing around town at some of the many bluegrass gigs he's performed at, I can't remember him singing lead for a song before with the Hercs. Dave, who is normally 'on the dark side' of the stage at The Hibernian, actually got some 'camera time' with this song.

Probably one of my favourite pics ever of Zack and Chris, and I don't care if the flash didn't go off. And, yes, they play on a stage which also reflects the college football games in the background. Great music and great sports, tough to beat at The Hibernian. Oh, yeah, the beer is pretty damn tasty, too.

That said, the Hercs have their MySpace page up and going (and has been for awhile, I've just been a slacker here (on that and so many other things, I admit) and also has some samples from live performances to listen to, too. (Although truthfully the musicianship can't be praised enough and one has to really see Chris King carry on to understand his repartee with the crowd.) Their next gig is at The Hibernian on October 23, and then again at Tir Na Nog in downtown Raleigh on October 27. Please come out and see these pros work their magic. (And, yes, I am an uncompensated endorser.)

More show review and updates at 11, or whenever I get home this weekend...whichever comes can be accommodated first.

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