28 September 2007

Williamsburg Scottish Festival

The Wise Ricky and I are off on another adventure this weekend (and, yes, I'm trying to get back into the regular blogging thing, so please be patient with me...thanks). This time, it's up to near his home stomping grounds of peninsular Virginia. Specifically, we're attending the Williamsburg Scottish Festival 30th Year Celebration.

It will cap off a rather productive week of work for me (in between juggling visits to the doctor and starting a new writing project), and I'm anxious to hit the road. We'll see our standby Scottish drum master faves, Albannach, and several other acts (musical and maybe otherwise), too. As I've only been through Virginia Beach once many years ago (with someone who hated long bridges and almost passed out when we crossed what I think was the James River), I'd like to see some of what I've missed in that area. I'm becoming quite a fan of Virginia this year, actually, and this will be trip four since June.

And, just to see exactly how much of me that my bestest friend can handle in one setting, we're capping the trip off to see a vocal performance of none other than Henry Rollins. WR was completely unawares as to who Henry even was, so between the Wikipedia writeup and what kind of fans show up at The NorVa in nearby Norfolk, this could be quite the learning curve. After seeing The Mental Mouth, WR will either love Henry as much as I do or hate him forever for being a bit too much. (But, hey, I like my men being a bit too much...rim shot, please.) This last part could go really, really well or really, really badly...but it will be interesting as hell to see what his reaction is.

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ricky said...

The bridge you were on before was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, not the James River Bridge. The CBBT is 20 miles long, most over open water. Here is their website: http://www.cbbt.com/.