21 September 2007

Mandatory Beach Meditation

So I have not been feeling well. There, I said it. Not badly, mind you, but just not 'well'. In a perpetual state of getting ramped up, all to eventually really do nothing. I can't specifically say what exactly is going on, or even if there is anything going on. Rougher medical days have come and gone, but I just feel like a rudderless sailboat at present...happy as hell to be in the water, but circling and circling and going no where fast. And apparently also unable to correct my course.

So this past week, I've taken some days off...a couple to travel, a couple more to meditate how to reconstruct a 'rudder' (for the non-swimming, non-boating kinda girl), and still another glorious one at a near empty beach on the Carolina coast. Carolina Beach, near Wilmington, to be exact.

There's some calm out there, over the Atlantic...

And while the journey's still out about all the other days I've been desperately trying to recharge my batteries, let me just say this one fact without hesitation or refute: spending a sun-filled day on an almost empty beach, with the wind in your hair and seashells and sand at your feet...is about as close to Heaven as any one human should ever be entitled to.

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