07 April 2006

It's Friday 7 April...time for A Great Australian Moment of Zen

It's been a tough week, and not just because work sucks right now and I don't want to do anything really at home, either. However, the good news is (thankfully! as I hate the cold) spring is finally coming on here in North Carolina. I'm hoping to force myself out this weekend and take some pictures which I'll then post. The news around here has been far too grim lately, and I need something to cheer me up.

And, now courtesy of www.YouTube.com and a user named 'atomman', I bring you reasons (complete with excellent editing and music, no less), on why my beloved future home of Australia is indeed called The Lucky Land. Watch, admire, and enjoy.

In my heart today, I'm down at Darling Harbour: (the last series of buildings you see here before the aerial shot takes over at the end, one building...the National Maritime Museum looks like it has a sail for its roof), sitting on some stairs watching the buskers (street performers) and enjoying a vanilla bean and mango gelato from Gelatissimo. (Read the 2003 "Sydney Morning Herald" article about them here .)

Ah, hell...even my dreams have flavours.

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