09 April 2006

Been a long, bizarre weekend...questions

Hell is freezing over somewhere, I'm convinced. Too many tirades to go into now, but suffice it to say whatever seems to be going 'wobbly' (as Lady Thatcher would put it) in the outside world, seems to be only doing more so for me privately. Not that they ever have, but people have really stopped making sense.

Questions that I am pondering, with no immediate satisfaction:
* when people already have enough of what they need, why do they steal more? (and yes, I am aware of how naive this sounds in relation to money, etc., but think more physical items)
* when did it become politically and socially (and whatever the hell this internet community is called-ly) unacceptable to defend a friend's honour?
* when did it become okay to 'pile on' to a person's perceived reputation, no matter if it's positive or negative, when the facts aren't even known, let alone in?
* why is it we all try like hell to be more 'connected' with one another, even complete strangers we try really hard to make peace with, and all we've really accomplished is just another way to bring each other down?
* why is jealousy such a dominating emotion, especially misplaced jealousy?
* whatever happened to self-discovery for discovery's sake? why must all riddles be solved?
* how did I get from being judged not for my words, not for my actions, not for my appearance, and not even for the company I keep, but instead vilified for words, actions, or appearances of those I don't even know that well, but support in their arguments, principles?
* why is it always easier to slam a door on someone nowadays than peek through the window, let alone even open that door a little, before passing down judgment?
* why is it getting harder and harder to stand up for myself, my principles, and those that I believe in?

I'm now accepting any and all alternative answers, because I'm fresh out of ways to make acceptable excuses.

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