06 April 2006

E-mail of profound disrespect, suggested cruelty

The levee broke yesterday at Duke University and its Mens' Lacrosse Team. And unfortunately the flood waters being held back were darker, more sinister, and incredibly vile...and that's just from one e-mail that's been publicly released from a formerly sealed search warrant.

The lacrosse team coach resigned yesterday, or was asked to leave, but that wasn't wholly unexpected...locally, he has been widely regarded as being far too passive about events when they were first revealed. And that's from what is known at this juncture. The season and any practices have also been stopped, no word yet from Duke administration as to whether calls from several professors on staff that the current team be disbanded will actually see the light of day. Sooner or later, the coach was gone; let's hope that his program is not later shown to have festered a team monster or two.

And now onto the monster portion of this post, which I cannot report any better than "The Smoking Gun" did yesterday. It truly falls under the 'read it and be shocked, then weep' status. TSG's site has the complete unsealed search warrant details, including the horrific e-mail that can be found off page 5 from their site. Read "Duke Rape Case E-mail Shocker...After alleged assault, player wrote of killing, skinning strippers". The e-mail's author, who at the least should be sent for psychiatric intervention and God only knows what else I can come up with, was also 'suspended indefinitely' yesterday from Duke. He'll be lucky, given the open hostility that exists in Durham now, if he can make it out of town without any further incident...actually, that could now apply to the entire (former) lacrosse team.

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