25 April 2006

Great Music, Great Travel and Great Aussies Bearing Chocolate

To say it's been a maelstrom at work may be an understatement...sorry for the every other day posts, folks.

That said, and in the interest of not sending an email to a friend who seems to be dodging me and therefore preventing a major geopolitical incident (at least in my mind), I've been vegging out looking at the following sites. Enjoy and know that my sanity (what I have, anyway) will return soon...hopefully by the end of the week.

YepRoc Records (based in my home state of North Carolina). Home of legends such as Billy Bragg, Paul Weller, John Doe (formerly of 'X' if you can't place the name), and some new blurs, too, including The Reverend Horton Heat (must see!), Southern Culture on the Skids, and Chatham County Line. Commercial radio (and listeners' intelligence) could be saved if more people listened and bought more YepRoc.

Virtual Tourist is everything one could want from a travel blog, but is far more comprehensive. Complete with pictures and a healthy dose of do's and don't's from people who've been there...almost as handy as a well-traveled travel professional (ahem...cough cough), and certainly better than 95% of what else you'll find travel related out on the web these days. I also highly recommend the "Travelers To Go!" site (click on the "join our travel discussions!" link first...may require membership to EzBoard to participate in the wonderful forums)...it's loaded with all the goods from people who insanely love to travel and see the world's limitless wonders.

And, something for a lighter note and also to satisfy the inventor Aquarian in me: Pimp My Snack, which, yes, pimps your favourite snacks up to gargantuan proportions. Think a literal overgrown gorilla-size peanut butter cup, or a massive bag of those kettle fried potato chips (crisps). Personally, I can't wait until I'm back in Oz (or have some Oz friends from here who'd like to volunteer? hint hint) to do this with some Tim Tams ®. Not only do Tim Tams ® need to go global, they need to go big ass global. And now. The Aussies will take over the world, folks, and any resistance to them is futile...they know the recipe to Tim Tams ® and they're not afraid to make them. Conquered by beer drinkers with funny accents and plenty of chocolate..worse ways to go.


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