28 April 2006

Hercules Mulligan at Tir na nOg

Saw a charming little band last night at the Tir na nOg Irish Pub & Restaurant last night in Raleigh. It features a very comical front man, who has been singing Irish songs for the last 13 years (and is actually the only Irish member of the lot), and 3 very skilled mostly bluegrass-trained musicians as backing. Apparently last night was their 'audition' show at Tir na nOg, and for a Thursday night in the middle of downtown, I think the turnout was good and the audience very favourable. I'm still working on names, as I talked to three of them...but I *believe* the names are Mike (fiddle, exceptionally good), Zach (exceptional standup bass and mandolin, also backup smartass to the lead singer), Chris (lead singer and very loose, easy-going with the crowd), and Mark (rhythm guitar, also exceptionally good). (Ed: 6/28/06: rhythm guitar player is named David, which I got confused when I was initially posting this here.) Amazingly, this is was the first or second gig of all 4 coming together as a group...they've played together in pieces of 2 or 3 before, but this was the first 'show' of the group...and it was a very pleasant surprise for me, especially as I only went into the pub with a friend for the sole purpose of finding a decent beer. I didn't even know live music was on the bill. After the show, I spoke to the guitarist a bit and I might be getting some 'official' information on them from him...and when/if I do, I'll post that here. I took a few pictures as well, but unfortunately I did not know the memory card was out of the camera, so now I'm trying to figure out how to download to here when the computer isn't even recognizing pictures exist. I hope to have this resolved and the pics posted later today.

I highly recommend them, and if in you're in Raleigh, give the Tir na nOg a (pronounced 'tear na NO og') a call at 919-833-7795 and ask when they're coming back. The manager/owner there said they were definitely welcome, and I hope they can get a weekly gig there. The pub is located at 220 South Blount Street, downtown Raleigh, near City Market. Their web site is: www.tirnanogirishpub.com . Three of the guys had to break camp a bit early as they were off west to go see Merlefest, which sadly I can't make it to this year.

I'll finish by saying the only drawback I saw with them is Chris not knowing the full lyrics of "Molly Malone", lyrics here. That will have to be rectified. If an Aussie pub rock band fave of mine (The Ordinary Fear of God) can have it in their encore with Elvis Costello, Hercules Mulligan can surely have it when people are ordering the third and fourth rounds.

However, on the plus side, they did play a song that I loved immediately but had never heard before: "Alice, Who the Fuck Is Alice?". Sometimes you really just need a song like that when drinking a few beers and unwinding after one less day on Planet Earth.


by GOMPIE (Smokie)

Sally called when she got the word
she said I suppose, you've heard about Alice
Well I rushed to the window, well I looked outside
I could hardly believe my eyes,
a big limousine rolled (drew) up into Alice's drive.
IDon't know why she's leaving
or where she's gonna go
I guess she's got her reasons
but I just don't want to know
'cause for twenty-four years
I've been living next door to Alice
(Alice, who the fuck is Alice?)
Twenty-four years just waiting for the chance
to tell her how I´m feeling maybe get a second glance
Now I've got to get used to not living next door to Alice.
(Alice, who the fuck is Alice?)
We grew up together (We walked together) two kids in the park
we carved our initials deep in the bark - Me and Alice
Now she walks through the door with her head held high
just for a moment, I caught her eye, as a big limousine pulled
slowly out of Alice's drive
Don't know why she's leaving...
(Then) Sally called back and asked how I felt and she said
hey I know how to help get over Alice.
She said now Alice is gone, but I'm still here
you know I've been waiting for twenty-four years
and the big limousine disappeared
I Don't know why she's leaving
or where she's gonna go....

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