23 April 2006

Leave it to "The New York Times" to come up with a timeline

And the saga with the alleged gang rape involving Duke University lacrosse team members continues...

Just when I had lost hope that somebody...anybody...in the news media would come up with a timeline that could be stated without all the emotion..."The New York Times" has (almost) in today's paper. There are still some factual issues I would still argue with...such as the Kroger grocery store being local to the Duke campus when, for whatever reason, both women bypassed the Durham Police, the Duke University Medical Center, and at least half a dozen convenience stores that would be open then, too, which are much closer...but at least this timeline's a start.

I hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling that the truth is already out there...and it's just not being seized and pieced together like it should be. Either way, Durham burns in heightened racial tensions and suspicion.

"Call to Escort Service Began a Night of Trouble at Duke"

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