29 March 2006

Confusing meltdown over at nearby Duke University

I live in the middle of Tobacco Road, that glorious stretch of college basketball heaven that is earmarked on three sides by NCAA men's basketball champions North Carolina State University in Raleigh, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (in Chapel Hill, duh), and Duke University in my former hometown of Durham. People here have to have a favourite...it determines where you eat, where you buy your cars from, the dentist office waiting room colour...it's not just a sport, it's a flippin' religion down here. Unfortunately, (and this causes all of us some pain because now we all have no one to cheer for nor cheer against), this year all of the mens' local teams are out of the competition for a variety of reasons. One would think we locals would be depressed, but accepting the fact by now and would just simply readjust our focus to the new Nascar season, which has just started. (Or...God Forbid...we actually support the TWO womens' teams who did far better than their male counterparts but practically have to beg for attendees to come see them play.) But, alas, no...apparently the Duke University Men's Lacrosse team has brought the spotlight back on us. And a lot of people, including many Duke students and faculty themselves, are none too pleased.

I'm pressed for time this morning, but I will follow up on this later tonight after work. In the meantime, for the lucky few who have not read about it (and frankly, except for this, how many even know what the hell a lacrosse team even is??), I'll throw in some local links of the scandal-a-brewin'. The national wires are leaving a lot of the minor details out, and who knows how this will end up in the next couple of weeks.

From Durham's local newspaper, "The Herald Sun" : Lacrosse season suspended during gang-rape probe . In particular, the 911 calls are the most talked about items...and potentially the most damaging.

From Raleigh (which tends to be favoured toward UNC and NC State, and that issue is always mentioned when any news about any of the teams is talked about locally), "The News and Observer" : Duke puts lacrosse games on hold . (Kudos go to the N&O, though, for actually not forgetting the UNC and Duke Womens' Basketball Teams, who will both be attending the Final Four Womens' Championship Tournament...a news story that's been all but overlooked here.)

And one of the leading television stations' take on the uproar (with more to come from the others as the stories get transferred online): Raleigh-based WRAL-TV (Channel 5, CBS affiliate). Duke President Suspends Future Lacrosse Matches Pending Investigation .

Stay tuned, folks. Sports vs politics, mens' vs womens' sports, black against white, monied college students vs working class, he said vs she said...all here and in bumper crop supply. All waiting on the results of 46 DNA tests.

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