28 March 2006

Horribly behind, like The Mad Hatter

...and as a result I have very limited time today to blog anything (also explains yesterday's absence, sorry again).

A few links I wanted to share (and will add to those below under the "Links" section when I get the time this week) with those who've not found them:

  • Paul Krassner (ADULTS PREFERRED SITE), for no other reason than his biography alone. He's a wonderful writer...worthy of all the praise lauded on him in my opinion from George Carlin, Lewis Black and others...but is also known for "...later accompanying Groucho Marx on his first acid trip." The "Disneyland Memorial Orgy" (and the reason for the ADULTS disclaimer as above) print on the homepage should give you an inkling of what you're in for...I've found Mr Krassner is either greatly loved or unswervingily hated, no middle ground seems to exist.
  • Coastalwatch has webcams throughout my beloved Australia. From Perth to Sydney Harbour to their world-famous beaches. If you can't be in Australia, this gives you a reminder of what you're missing...and, as a person who's been there 9 times, that can be both a good and a bad thing. (waaah!!) Click on your chosen connection speed on the left hand side menu. Keep in mind the time difference as night webcams don't show anything, especially as both continents are scheduled to change clocks again (them back, us forward...for the most part and in most states).
  • Boing Boing, a "directory of wonderful things" and certainly up to its billing. A wide open assortment of the strange, weird, boring, and just "somebody wants to know about this?" kind of items. They also are known to include less-reported news, and are linked to NPR (National Public Radio) here in the US.

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