30 March 2006

Update on Duke Lacrosse Team Allegations

Another short post on this subject...further reports to come later as I get a chance to read and sort them out.

However, "The Smoking Gun" (love those folks!) have gotten a copy of the of the search warrant that was produced and acted upon by the Durham, North Carolina, police department. Duke Lacrosse Rape Probe .

We're still waiting on the 46 DNA samples that were obtained from almost the whole team (although the victim states that only 3 men assaulted her). The co-captains of the team (who approached the administrators and others at Duke University regarding a self-imposed suspension of their playing season) have stated that after that evidence is examined, all players will be exonerated from any assault charges, and that the only thing they are guilty of is bad judgement (and underage drinking, which is a rampant part of college life at Duke and any other major college or university in the US). We'll see how this plays out.

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