04 February 2009

Mama Always Said to Bring a Sweater

I'm horribly sorry about the lack of recent posts, as I'm been busy doing some work and offsite projects which have really been taking up my free time. In addition to starting some new things that will improve my health and stress levels (or so I think, anyway), I'm also trying to get some work-related items done pronto, too, to meet a fast-approaching deadline. Again, my apologies.

Down South, we who live here are always aware that we're all a bit schizophrenic in what we hold dear...we respect our distinctive and historical Southern culture, yet have spent billions of late to make ourselves into some of the most modern cities in America. We appreciate (and want) a slow-cooked, old-fashioned meal, but yet we also race around all day long on interstates and complain about the speed limits still being too low. Some here still speak with a pronounced slower drawl, all the while helping you solve problems with your latest tech gizmo. Confederate flag and Obama bumper stickered-cars park side by side without incident, and hell, the owners most likely are friends. There are many, many things that make us the South, and that make us a direct contradiction to those not lucky enough to live here.

Recently, even our dear Mother Nature has been playing along. To put it bluntly, 'winter' as I have known it here and elsewhere as a child, has taken a leave this season. Instead, we're getting something more akin to Forecast Roulette. And, with Mother's recent involvement, I'm actually starting to believe more in the whole global warming movement. I've been to many places throughout the world and survived more than a few weather events...but never have I consistently seen the weekly temperature swings I have this winter.

The week of the Inauguration, we had snow that Tuesday, which gradually wore away over the next two days ('wore away' being the operative words as we really do not have the hard-core snow removal equipment like many states do). By that weekend, though, we were sunny, almost early Spring-like, pushing 65. This week, some areas got snow last night...but, once again, we're predicted to be in the 70s by the weekend (see below). And, while we may not have had snow each time we've dipped down low this season, the dips and subsequent swings back upwards have been frequent.

Predicted forecast from WRAL-TV, Raleigh, North Carolina, for the rest of this week. And, yes, it's still February.

It's nothing of a small wonder how more of us are not sick from all the temperature changes up and down. Dressing in layers...something that is generally left to those who have moved here from up North or those lucky enough to live on the coast...has taken on a new art form. You leave the house in the morning dressed for one season, but come prepared to strip a layer off as you'll drive home in another. This whole flux has got more than a few...self included...wondering if this year, (not totally dissimilar to what is going on with our economy and nation), is bringing forth some new future none of us are really prepared for.

I'm thinking I'm gonna need a new cardigan.

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Anonymous said...

You never know, if you have been good, the Temperature-Challenged Fairy (the bastard love child of Heat Miser and Snow Miser)just might bring you a new cardigan for you b-day!