19 January 2009

A Declaration of the Charges

As we wind down this most ugliest tenures in American history tonight, I wanted to touch upon and include just the briefest summary of some of the injustices we have endured. It is a litany of problems, large and small, for certain. But it also represents one of the greatest opportunities for us going forward: to finally start to fix all these problems, and be a respected leader on the world stage once again. God knows, it's long, long overdue.

(But, hey, don't despair: you, too, can send words of goodbye to #43.)

Dubya, I don't even know where to begin when describing your crimes and your ignorance. Luckily for us all, Keith Olbermann from MSNBC's "Countdown" does.

Keith Olbermann on CNBC's "Countdown", reporting his editorial peace of The Bush Presidency in Eight Minutes.

And what an absolutely frightening eight minutes that is, truth be told. Watch this and weep first...then watch it again and take notes of the many problems still thriving. Those notes are now our challenges as a country, and they represent what will be needed to solve those problems.

Question is: Are we really up for the task?

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