04 April 2008

"Friday on My Mind" and Other Obsessions

I'm feeling lazy today, all of which is aided by the fact that I'm home, on a rare day off from work. I've done the laundry, and some cleaning, and some mail...but pffffffft and screw this already. I'm done with the work thing this week, people. Maybe tomorrow I'll reconsider, but not today. The real job has left me feeling like I was the 'accidental victim' at the scene of a hit and run accident. An accident that must have involved a heavy-duty truck.

Thank God I also found TBS running one of my all-time fave movies earlier today, the classic "Almost Famous". (Although I'm still curious as hell as to exactly how much of that film was autobiographical for its director, Cameron Crowe, and which parts were/were not true.) I adore Cameron...other people still go see all the movies featuring certain stars, I, instead, go and must see all of Cameron Crowe's movies. I think I even own copies of 2 of his scripts...I'm that addicted. After watching his glorious ode to Penny Lane and the fictional band Stillwater, though, listening to some good music has been on the brain.

This afternoon I've furthered that goal and started peeking through the music files and racks here at the humble abode, and specifically for Aussie music. (Non-INXS fans: you're spared this time, especially as I can't find a decent...read: non-blurry...video clip anywhere of "Heaven Sent" or "Shake the Tree".) And, after a long delay in finding some decent videos to actually go with the sounds that all too frequently come moaning from my ancient audio system, I found some corkers from the blog's frequent video home YouTube. I hope you enjoy the following servings...old to some, new to others.

The day's been good to me, folks, and I hope it returns you the favour...even if you do nothing (like me) at all to deserve it. Live and laugh some, too.

The Easybeats performing "Friday on My Mind"...circa 1967. The rhythm guitarist here, George Young, is the older brother of Malcolm and Angus Young from Aussie heavy rock powerhouse AC/DC. And, no, I don't know what lead singer Stevie Wright did/took to be so happy.

Russell Morris from 2007 singing an acoustic (and much better) version of his 1969 song "The Real Thing". The original has got this ascending psychedelic feel to it, but actually this rendition is clearer, and seems far less manufactured. The lyrics are still a bit '60s, but is that really all that bad??? Excellent voice, excellent technicals.

Geoff Achison, Aussie guitarist extraordinaire, with fellow guitar master Lloyd Spiegel, performing "The Midnight Hour" in 2007. Hang with this one through the beginning, as it was not rehearsed and is an amateur quality video...but it includes a free guitar lesson, too. Hands down, though, Achison is best damn Aussie guitarist I've ever seen perform live. He is now State-side trying his fortunes out over here, especially in the South. Don't miss his show.

And, finally, one of the best for last...

Cold Chisel, lead by legendary Aussie front man Jimmy Barnes, back in 2003. Sadly, neither made it big here in the States, but they are a religion in Oz. I had the pleasure of seeing Barnesy at the Sawtell RSL Club back in 2006 (complete with their carpets which looked like bikini tops with balloons in one area...we tourists thought it quite amusing). Fantastic show (with his daughter, also a professional singer), and this was the finishing barn-burner. Ears were ringing for hours afterward (sorta symbolic for the music that trip, actually), but "Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye)" was well worth it.

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