31 March 2008

Cogito Ergo Sum to You

...I think; therefore I am.

Happy Birthday to Rene Descartes, the great French thinker whom I'm currently rereading some of his philosophical (read: not his mathematical, I don't do math) works. (Amazing how the same stuff you hated to read as a freshman in college late becomes 'must read' items later on in life, isn't it?) Messier Descartes was born 412 years ago today, although his remains were distributed throughout France after his death. I have to admit, though, I think it's pretty cool that his brain is kept in a museum after all these years...still shows the reverence his home country has for his genius, I suppose.

Additionally, and far more raucously and showy than that of a Catholic philosopher who invented elements of geometry, is the birthday today of another of my faves: guitarist (and showman) extraordinaire from AC/DC, Mr Angus Young. "Angus!...(clap, clap, clap)...Angus!...(clap, clap, clap)...Angus!...(clap, clap, clap)" turns a whopping 53 today. Still one of the very best guitarists on stage ever...frequently wearing school boy uniform short pants, shirtless, and with more restless energy than a bevy of ADD kids hopped upon on sugar...Angus is arguably the main attraction for fans who still come in droves to concerts.

And, with that, a tribute to both with one of my fave songs from AC/DC: "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)", from YouTube, as usual.

AC/DC performing "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)", 1991

For those about to rock, for those about to think...whatever floats your boat...hopefully you can combine the two and be really happy somehow. Enjoy tonight and make it a good tomorrow, people.

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Great rocker Angus Young*.