23 February 2008

I Get By with a Few Laughs from My Friends

Quick post this morning, as I have to go back into work to complete some billings from hell. I'll post some more later today and tomorrow...tons of stuff needs to be 'put down on paper' from Thursday night's review of one Mr Rollins to meeting the nice fellas from My Three Kilts last night at The Nog...but I'm a little pressed for time right now.

So I bitched and moaned and carried on like a spoilt brat here on Wednesday. Yes, life sucks a bit right now, but obviously it could be much, much worse. Clearly I needed (and sorta got, via some emails and a 5am phone call yesterday) a swift kick in the ass. And, to opine the classic film, "National Lampoon's Animal House": "Thank you, sir! May I have another??", I do want to thank those that decided to take me, and my asinine and/or pointless complaining, down a notch. It's nice to remain humble, even when one is taken there by force.

However, (and God bless these peeps, too), some of the Friends of Blog (hereafter referred to as FOB) decided I just needed a good laugh...a lot of them were having a pissy week, too. And, boy, did the FOB come through in the clutch.

Drumroll, please, for I give you my Chuckles of Relief and Redemption...

Below, and from a NASCAR® racing bud and fellow Greg Zipadelli fan (and it also features that driver Zippy supports/babysits, too...Tony Stewart), here's the already much-loved Toyota® commercial that premiered last weekend and features the JGR Racing Team and some other Toyota® racing team drivers. (From YouTube, as usual.) We're both still looking for the Diet Coke® 'suspended' commercial with Smoke, though, as that was also damn funny...so, please, somebody get that one up on YouTube already.
Toyota®'s "Fan Controller" video, © 2008

Next, from my new friends with the weekly local investment group (all of whom jokingly endure my novice trading questions) and who are diehard Jim Cramer fanatics, here's a link (at least) featuring two of my faves from the "Fast Money" show, starring Pete Najarian as "Commander Planet" and Jeff Macke starring in "The Toy Report: AKA Stranger Danger". (And, no, this time Macke is not yelling 'gibberish' as so incorrectly claimed on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" a few weeks ago. Jon, Jon, Jon...fake news is only funny if you understand what the truth is at the beginning, and then mock it. I expected something much better from you, honestly. Understand, then mock...it's much funnier that way.) Give them a watch; believe it or not, these are the pretty typical of how the show reports views and news, clipped here as they were broadcast originally (both of which can be found off the CNBC® video site). And you thought those trader types didn't know how to have a little fun and even make fun of themselves. These clips may not be funny to a lot of people, but are pretty humourous to those of us who avidly watch the show. I 'heart' these submissions a little more because the two people that sent them in absolutely hate anything related to my beloved "Fast Money". In their eyes, Cramer = Good, Dylan Ratigan and the Gang = Bad (and I still don't understand why, except out of "Mad Money" ratings jealousy perhaps?). So for these two otherwise smart and wonderful and tolerant people, who made the sacrifice to find these two clips for me, read (and enjoy) the following word as I'm not likely to ever say it aloud: Booyah!

Pistol Pete (Needs Less Caffeine) Najarian in his debut as "Commander Planet"


Jeff (Dance That Funky Music, White Boy) Macke in "The Toy Report: AKA Stranger Danger

And, finally, from my girl Robyn who is the Unofficial At-Home Radio Champion of All Things Related to NPR's "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!" program...I give you the capper of the chuckle fest, 'the true tale of woe' (Robyn's words, not mine) of Puddles/Panchito, who is now a very identity-confused Shih Tzu from Texas:

I'm Sorry, but Puddles is Dead...to My Bad, He's Just Missing...to Wait, He's Alive but Still Missing...to Huh, Where Is He Again? And With Who?...to Finally Me & Panchito Are Going to Court! It's the second part of the Panel Discussion, from a show originally broadcast on February 9th. And honest to God, it's all true.

Bowing down to all the Friends of Blog, both near and far. Thanks for the attitude adjustment and laughs. Once again, truly I am not worthy.

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ricky said...

Somehow, I missed you posting on Wednesday. Probably because my week was pretty much the same as yours. You may have gotten a couple of people who basically said "Buck Up, Sister" but I whole heartedly agree with your assessment of last week. Since I work in customer service, I can definitively say that every single stupid, idiotic and half crazed person in the US was running amok last week!!!!