28 February 2008

Here, There & Everywhere...

General update and recommendations to some events going on with yours truly and also with some very dear Friends of Blog...

  • Tomorrow (Friday) night, at The Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, will be the slide geetar master himself, Junior Brown. Show starts at 9:15pm, tickets are $16 and still available here and I expect it to be a sold-out show. If you love music the way it was intended and not so much as what it's become, this is the show for you. True craftsmanship, honed over countless stages and in front of thousands of adoring fans...a dedication to 'playing clean and pure' that simply is unparalleled. Forget the wannabe Guitar Heroes, come see a true living legend dish out some of the fiercest licks to ever grace a honkytonk and/or classic country sound.

    God just may be Elvis Costello in some people's eyes (and hey, I'm a follower of that church, too), but somewhere the mighty Junior is just as powerful, just as transfixing, just as influential. Both men have been known to wear dark, simple suits and have small bands accompanying them (Junior just has a bassist and a drummer); both carry their shows by focusing on music and lyrics and far less on theatrics. Both are superb at what they do...and they've both done lots of things, in a wide variety of styles and formats. But to many guitar lovers everywhere, new and old, Junior simply reigns as The King. To get a sample of what he's capable of (and it's far, far more than just country-fried fare), try checking out this phenomenal (yet typical) clip of Junior's Rock & Roll Medley (courtesy of YouTube, as always):

    Junior Brown with his double-necked (and stand supported) Guitar of Wonder, doing a rock classic medley

  • Ex-co-worker and longtime music lover Johnny has been absolutely raving about the U2 concert show that's been filmed in 3D, which is currently playing in theatres nationwide. To add some additional perks, he highly (and I can't even stress the highly enough here) suggests catching it here locally at the IMAX® theatre in Raleigh. The IMAX® is located near the Marbles Kids Museum and is adjacent to Moore Square. (The WR and I caught "Beowulf" in the 3D format there on Christmas Day, and the presentation in addition to the wonderful creation that was the movie itself was top notch.) Tickets and showtimes for the movie at the IMAX in Raleigh can be found here. I haven't seen it yet, but that's not for a lack of excellent recommendations. I'll definitely catch it soon; there are few better ways to celebrate the upcoming St. Patrick's Day festivities than watching Ireland's best band play some of its greatest music, all in a larger than life format.

  • For those looking for a good cause to support this Saturday, FOB and Hercules Mulligan frontman, Chris King, is participating in The St. Baldrick's Foundation Fundraiser at The Hibernian in Raleigh (off Glenwood Avenue). 'Shavees' take donations from people and in exchange get their heads shaved...done as a token of solidarity for children suffering from cancer. Events and locations are worldwide, you can check out the St. Baldrick's Organization website for more information and events perhaps closer to your specific geographical locale. This will be Chris' third year of participation and he's as enthusiastic as ever (Chris has a mighty big heart and a contagious spirit to living life, truth be told). You can make donations to him specifically by going to the this link, or you can show up in person and make donations 'on his head' (or anyone else's, as there will be plenty of people doing this) this Saturday afternoon. As I understand it, the head-shaving will be going on for most of the day.

  • To my buds from The Fast Money discussion group (who are in much warmer Florida right now, running up their mini bar tab as I write even): I wish you all the best for the weekend. Live it up and have a wonderful time tomorrow night as well. ("Fast Money" is doing a live show with a studio audience in Miami...well, Coral Gables, I think, but let's not get picky...a bit of a rarity for them but it certainly should be entertaining and informative.) You know I'm with y'all in spirit...and, yes, I await a chance to meet some of you in person still...but finances and all being what they are added to the dilemma of missing an all-time fave showman...not a close decision in the end. (The Gang or Junior? The Gang or Junior? LOL. All of you have a great fondness for all things money, whereas I have a great fondness for all things music, especially the guitar. To each his or her own, but it's all good.) I appreciate the invite still the same, and I'm sorry it didn't work out this go around. For better or for worse, though, we are still on for the fall. I do, however, expect tips and highlights to passed along from Friday's taping, and am hopeful that Laurie will, at long last, finally meet her 'sexy, bald dudes' in person.

    Lead theme of this weekend (and, well, all days): There's life going on around you, and that may not always be possible. Get out there and live it while you still can.
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