03 February 2008

God, I Love Underdogs

If it wasn't a glorious enough football season with my beloved Kansas Jayhawks coming from a huge underdog status to beat (WR's) Virginia Tech Hokies in January's Orange Bowl, now the much maligned New York Giants have come back and beat the formerly unbeaten New England Patriots in tonight's Super Bowl. Strap yourself in, folks, these events happening in the same year just may be proof that the End is near. Underdogs...win? Twice in the same year??? Whoa, Nelly, indeed.

And, for once in my recent memory, the game itself tonight was far, far better than the commercials. (Although, for the love of Pete people, why did the referees become hellbent to play out the final one second of the game...my heart broke for those lonely 11 guys from New England playing some asinine last down, while the rest of their team and their coach...ouch!...had walked off the field. If I were a diehard Pats fan, that would have set badly with me. Should not have happened, period. Call the damn game already if you're a ref or stay on the damn field and be supportive of your teammates if you're the Patriots.)

While I am normally not a New York City enthusiast except for visits of less than 48 hours at a clip...there is a reason why I choose to now live on a farm in a relatively quiet mid-Atlantic state, after all...New York clearly is the place to be tonight!!! Love and hugs to my buds up in the City proper, and in Schenectady, Albany, and Buffalo!!! (And have one for me, too, if there's any left to be consumed.)

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The New York Times just released write up here.

And The New York Post write up can be found here.

Even my fave lad (similar personality and nature and all) from CNBC's "Fast Money", Jeff "Mac Attack" Macke, called it (sorta) on the show Friday (watch the video...it goes by quickly, as everything does on that show). (Sorry, fellow "Fast Money" fans, couldn't find a video link for the the numerous plugs done by Giants fan Guy Adami and Guy was AWOL from Friday's show. I'm sure we'll have something from him about the victory, though, this week...even if the market completely tanks, he'll still be a very happy camper.)

While I admit I am normally not a Giants fan, about two weeks ago (when all the Patriots 'are the best ever' hoopla really took hold to an extreme degree), I found a new underdog to cheer for. I hate seeing people and teams 'piled on' and taken for granted, ya know? And, Lord help him, tonight is Eli Manning's first Super Bowl win (and MVP); his big brother Peyton won it last year helming his Indianapolis Colts. Lord help me, too, because as a child I used to cheer on their father, the overachieving yet now almost forgotten (except for his boys) Archie Manning, when he used to lead the New Orleans Saints. (Must be a helluva game of 'Six Degrees of Archie Manning' played amongst the NFL people.) I remember watching "Monday Night Football" with Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford, when Peyton was maybe thigh-high to his dad, and little Eli could barely walk. Okay, feeling really old now, and just before I tack more on to my personal score, too.

Sigh. Enough nostalgia already. Let all the Giants fans and fellow underdog champions celebrate!!!

P.S.: And for those of you who love the Super Bowl commercials as much as I do, check out the site where you can see them all. I think the night's winner was the Sobe girl dancing to the old Michael Jackson "Thriller" with all the lizards (click the above link, and then click for the 2nd quarter ads)...too bad Vincent Price is dead and couldn't do the voice over, though. Although the AMP Energy guy starting the girl's car while he's dancing (4th quarter)...and has the car jumper cables attached to his bare nipples...is a good runner-up. Third choice for me is the Audi remake of that infamous scene from "The Godfather" (1st quarter), and that is a nice ride to be advertising, too. Actually, I was surprised those last two even made it to air. The FedEx carrier pigeon one (2nd quarter) was cute on a first time viewing, but will get real old, real quick. Thank God the game was good, though, as the commercials were subpar for me this go around.

Congrats again to the football lovers and their fans...damn fine game this year.

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