14 August 2007

And now a word from my chemical saviour... Percocet®

Folks, I'm unfortunately taking a few days away. Nothing personal, except that I'm really having some difficulty sitting long enough to blog, to eat, well damn near anything requiring sitting now...I think I've really done it this time and maybe re-injured my back. Positive side: the drugs not only reduce/eliminate the lower back pain, they're doing wonders for the migraines that have been popping up recently, too, from some unexpected stress at work.

And, yes, I have been spending an extraordinary amount of time on work-related issues, I know, and yes, I admit the blog's updates and frequency have suffered because of it. So sue me...or come pay my bills for me, your choice.

Will report back in a day or so. It will either be relatively lucid and 'more normal' of this blog, or it will read like a wordy and untalented version of Hunter S. Thompson in a wannabe full-on Gonzo mode. (This may make better sense if one understands I adore Hunter's writing style, and that reportedly he was very distantly related to my family.)

Moral message of the day: bend with your knees, or have some other damn soul do the lifting/moving/shoving/bending for you.

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