16 August 2007

And, no, I don't think it's an absence of vegemite in my diet...

I'm alive, I think. The back is still relatively on strike, but also I'm now out of all pain-killing meds (personal choice, as I don't like to take pills of any kind regularly, if I can avoid it). If I can just make it through tomorrow at work, I shall retire to a complete weekend 'at home' incubation period to fully restore myself. News (well additional postings here, anyways) at 11.

(And a big thanks goes to my good antipodean mate, for the very funny get well card. If I can figure out how to include it here so it works properly and more people can enjoy the sickness subtlety of Aussie humour, I'll certainly try. The fact that it showed up in my email on the anniversary of Elvis' death...when a good chunk of the die-hard Elvii fans were presumably indulging in their annual Fool's Gold sandwiches (read the ingredient list and instructions, friends...42,000 calories of joy!)...was beyond fabulous timing. Once again, even without trying this go-around, you've made my day. Good onya, mate, good onya.)

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