10 June 2007

Tabloid Frenzy "Summertime" Groove

"Doin' Time" by Sublime
Video from YouTube, as always

Heard this yesterday...as 'background music' to one of the TV entertainment show's discussion of the Paris Hilton legal fiasco...and just had to smile to it again. This song from them incorporates one of my favourite songs ever, especially when done by Janis Joplin...George Gershwin's "Summertime"...and a nice reggae-infused tale of some serious modern woe. I love Sublime, and miss that beat, miss the words, miss the experience of just diggin' their sound. To those not acquainted with this now-defunct band from Southern California and the tragic demise of their lead singer to heroin abuse, check out some history.

So, after finally getting operational again with this computer, I'm just choosing to lose myself in the lyrics and rythym tonight (I have even pulled down the band's one album I own, the self-titled hook fest). And the TV, about poor, poor Paris' fate, drones on in the other room. Perhaps all the coverage and breath being wasted on this 'starlet' (using that term very loosely, I know) is yet another sign of the impending fall of Western civilization. I'm sure Paris' continued celebrity and improved mental health means a lot to those people in the world that have real problems, for instance. But since Paris now takes priority, I guess we've solved/denied all of those?? No matter, it's all so out of whack it's went far beyond being mind-numbing. We've made this idiot, after all.

"...Summertime...and the living is easy...". If only.

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