11 June 2007

Most Places Just Have Soap...and Other Sightings

So when I haven't been home working on resurrecting Frankenputer's connections, I've been out trying to enjoy the summer. Namely, that means enjoying good music and even better friends with some hot food and cold beer.

Saw the dear boys, Hercules Mulligan (complete with sample now!), over at the Hibernian in Cary again (after a one month respite due to my Spanish classes) last Wednesday. Chris M and Zack were dragging a bit, having survived the previous weekend's Fiddlers Convention in Mount Airy. (And, yes, non-locals, Mount Airy is the town associated with the TV classic, "The Andy Griffith Show".) Something about dead strings and all...LOL...per 'the celloist'. The fellas have incorporated some new songs into the set and are progressing along well. It was great to see them again after missing their two previous gigs. They play again at the Hibernian next Wednesday, June 20, and with any luck around 8pm.

The previous weekend, WR and I met up for a lunch and brew near NC State University over in Raleigh. Sadlack's, to be exact...a site which also houses its share of live music. (WR and I missed that night's gig, but did spot the 2-3 15 year olds setting up to play, with their parents in tow.) While WR and I discussed the defeating effects of second mortgages, employer mismanagement, and the aborted proposed light rail system for the area over some tasty sandwiches, Nature called. Although it might also have been the Shiner Bock.

Upon entering the ladies' room, two things of genius in this little sandwich shop stood out: (a) blackboard paint on the walls (why this is not used in super-popular and graffiti-prone bathrooms everywhere I'll never know), and (b) an ode to Fire Alarm Woman (not to be confused with The Cult's "Fire Woman" song). We stood there, this other female patron and me, and stared at the old girl. Unashamed, she was, but also fitting in with all the miscellaneous phone numbers scrawled around elsewhere in the room. Whereas I don't take my camera everywhere with me (amateur photog or not), I did feel compelled to go fetch it from its bag and then make a second trip to get the Woman's pose. And, despite the artist's take on it, I can only agree about the buggy eyes...her nose isn't that red, nor that big, at all. That, or Santa has different motives...

The Hottie of Sadlack's Lav, Fire Alarm Woman

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Mike said...

I'm sure Santa only wants her for her headlights...