18 June 2007

Not going quietly into the night, it appears

Although I was going to try and steer away from this for a few days, the infamous Mike Nifong continues to make news, even though he's been officially stripped of his license to practice law by the NC State Bar.

The recent developments with Mr. Nifong:

  • UPDATE, MONDAY MORNING: The official resignation letters from Nifong have been submitted, as promised, to both Governor Mike Easley and Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Orlando Houston. However, in a bit of a surprise as Nifong is nothing short of a legal and community pariah right now, Nifong stated in those letters he will stay the full 30 days he is allowed to do (even after being disbarred...unbelievable) and will actually leave his position of Durham County District Attorney on July 13, 2007. So, essentially, Durham County has as its District Attorney (and one of the highest legal persons in said county, or once was, anyway) a man who will no longer be able to even legally practice law in the near future. Oh, the insanity of it all, people.

    See the resignation letters submitted today (on Macromedia© Flash Paper):

    Nifong's resignation letter to Governor Mike Easley

    Nifong's resignation letter to Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Orlando Houston

    (All I could say earlier today was thank God I moved out of that county a few years back. Exactly how is justice served for the people during that 30 days? Just way too curious how this is supposed to help anyone right now.)

  • UPDATE, MONDAY AFTERNOON: Well, hold it the f*ck up, apparently the State of North Carolina doesn't have a plan in place. The above news is followed on its heels by a press conference also today with Governor Easley. In a not so reassuring moment, Easley stated that he (a) does not have the ability right now (barring a new law being passed) to remove Nifong earlier than the 30 days allowed even for disbarred District Attorneys, (b) that he had no specific candidates yet in mind to replace Nifong, and (c) that he would make a much more careful decision this go-around (Easley appointed Nifong to his current position in the first place). But at least Easley is on the right page now, I hope: and that page is for the immediate departure of Nifong.

  • UPDATE, MONDAY NIGHT: Well, in regards to the above...maybe someone's found some stronger, and bigger, legal boots to do the kickin'. Politicians local and statewide are chomping at the bit for Nifong's immediate removal (and blood, whichever comes available first), with Governor Easley and Superior Court Judge Houston especially incensed. News comes from WRAL-TV in Raleigh tonight that Judge Houston is appointing a Special Prosecutor to 'take over' the case against Nifong and has also signed an order removing Nifong from office, all effective Tuesday (tomorrow) morning. All this legal maneuvering will... it's hoped anyway...give Nifong that swift kick out of office so many people are clamouring for. And some semblance of order back to Durham, God willing.

    Oi. Vey.

    And transplants say nothing ever happens in this place. You just know John Grisham's somewhere making notes for a best selling tale about this one.

    Stay tuned as our local soap opera of infamy continues. Technically it's a toss-up as to who has the 'right' answer here...well, as it stands tonight. To paraphrase Margaret Mitchell: tomorrow is, after all, another day.
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