21 June 2007

The longest day of the year, for the wrong reason

It's June 21, theoretically the longest day of the year.

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere (sorry to my mates suffering through the cold Down Under and elsewhere), it is also the first 'official' day of summer.

The kind of day where you wake up humming a favourite song, wear your favourite clothes to work (if you can) and think of taking a long nap in the park with butterflies fluttering around.

It's been a gorgeous, warm but not hot, slightly breezy Carolina summer day. With not a cloud in the sky, to boot.

And, in keeping with my fine 'first day of summer' tradition (started in part with my fellow research and nursing partner in crime, Barbara, who took today off), I played my fave compilation Beach Boys CD ("The Sounds of Summer", released just a few years ago, to be exact) on the computer at work today. Still classic after all these years, and still mighty enjoyable to sing along with as I generate letters, reports, variances and such. And also the perfect backdrop to the day as I can't see outside (my office has no windows and used to be a file room closet). Great, classic summer music playing from the shoddy speakers would make the day go by quicker, I reasoned.

©The Beach Boys, 2003

Or so I thought.

Thirteen plus hours ago.

Yes, folks, your intrepid blogger is still slaving away on her day's extra work, and will be doing so (for a whole litany of reasons that I just got 'drafted' with) for the next few hours at the minimum. So the first day of summer was experienced this year by going to and from work, to and from a drive-thru lunch break, and to and from the UPS Store. Egads...and there goes the sunset.

So, that said...enjoy some great music and enjoy the remainder of your day.

We'll try it all over again tomorrow...I'm only working til noon. And, weather permitting, I then plan on taking a nice blissful nap under a shady tree.

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