15 May 2007

Rethinking that whole potential to learn anything at any age...

Sorry, folks, for the delay in writing here...I've been hitting the books. To what success is still to be determined.

This whole 'learning new skills' thing is still going full steam ahead, and I was doing fine until last Sunday...and until I started some hard core verb conjugation. If you thought it was bad when you were in junior high (if not sooner)in English, conjugation is not any better when you're learning it in another language, at an advanced pace, and after I've already put my 8+ hours in at work prior to doing another almost 3 more for class. Last night, I dreamt I was in Barcelona again but this time none of the friendly locals would help me say and/or find things, but now I also knew just enough Spanish to really insult them. I think I woke up after being subconsciously 'slapped' outside the Picasso Museum, but it could have also been off Las Ramblas, too. Dreams, even in different cultures and accents, can be very weird.

Let me sum up the whole accelerated Spanish learning process as such:

While I will never agree with the notion that 'old dogs can't learn any new tricks', I do now somewhat wonder about the likelihood of dyslexic Southern-inspired women to learn Spanish without making complete asses of themselves.

I love to study and I love new things, but this is probably one of the most vexing learning challenges I've had in quite some while. Muy dificile, mis amigos, muy dificile.

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Mike said...

Don't despair. It's like trying to write the perfect country and western song, or play the banjo, or find something else to serve deep-fried - you just have to keep trying. For each verb ending simply write out the six conjugations over and over and over and over and over and over again. I guarantee after a few hours of that (spread over a couple of weeks) you'll not forget them in a hurry.