10 May 2007

Carolina Rollergirls, Dorton Arena, May 20

Courtesy of and © Evil Ed, Carolina Rollergirls fan support group, 2007

My favourite female bruisers and flat track skating pros, The Carolina Rollergirls, take to the rink again very soon, in a double header, over at Dorton Arena on May 20. They are a lot fun to watch, are (shock! horror!) family friendly, and put on a really good show. It's a sport, though, people...and not in the way that another guilty pleasure of mine...professional wrestling...is. The girls are legit and play it that way. Tickets are very reasonably priced, there's plenty of free parking, and concessions are also very affordable. If you don't know how the sport is done, never fear as a brief training and rules explanation happens at the beginning of every bout. Great time had by all, adults and kids alike, and an even better way to support our local team of hard-playing athletes!

Come out if you can here, but if you're not local to Carolina, go see another women's flat track derby team in your area.

(Friend of Blog Mike even has pointed out similar teams Down Under Australia way are also starting up, too, with the Melbourne Grind Girls down his way in Victoria. I found some general info on the Aussie league formation through their MySpace page for the Australian Roller Derby Association.)

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