30 December 2006

The Grand Strand, here I come

A very quick post, to wish everyone the best for this New Year and to alert loved ones and friends who keep in contact through here where I'm (in theory) going for the fateful night, since I refuse to do an 'Aussie celebration' at Outback.

The WWE wrestling show last night was eventful (and I came back with some pictures of mixed quality to boot), but I actually had more delightful exchanges with the die-hard children fans surrounding me than actually watching 'the sport' itself. Let me tease you with this: I was the only one over the age of 14 sitting in my row, which somehow was also in front of some interesting, and highly enthusiastic, females who taught me words for the male anatomy that I had no idea even existed, let alone could and/or would be yelled at ear-numbing levels to grown men wearing overstuffed spandex. Rest assured, a fuller description is to be fleshed out upon my return, for it's quite apparent now I've led a very sheltered life.

The John Edwards rally here this afternoon/evening, though, was a bit to be desired. While the message seemed to hit all the right buttons with the audience (save one platform, though: the wishes of Mr Edwards to help "unionize Americans into getting good and decent-paying jobs again"...that ship has long sailed, Sir, and I'm not sure we have that many job fields left that would lend themselves to new union introduction), the whole pre-speech atmosphere and characteristics of it all clearly indicate the newly-announced campaign will need some immediate organizational retooling. First off, it started more than 1.5 hours late and many early attendees left due to the cold and lack of communication regarding the delay. Secondly, the music...which I can only guess was not supposed to be of a 'theme' like most political campaigns, but rather as some 'background loop'. At least I hope that was the plan. For Pete's sake, people, they played The Eagles' "Life in the Fast Lane" twice to the crowd before Mr Edwards even approached the podium...egads. If part of the 'experience', what, exactly, was the message that song was sending out to the crowd?? Yikes again, but more on that upon my return as well.

Finally, I've found a place on the Carolinas version of The Redneck Riviera (aka Myrtle Beach, aka The Grand Strand) where I can spend a hopefully joyful New Year's Eve. With so many friends out of town and WR sick and staying in, I searched and I searched for an appropriate beach retreat. Apparently the 'slower' beaches were long sought out, and by people with far more discretionary income than I have at present. Given the short turn around time (I must be back at work bright and early on 2 Jan), I couldn't really drive further down south more with the truck...although Charleston and some smaller areas of the live oaks are must-do trips this year. Anywho, I'm out of here in the morning for a 'Zoeism' adventure (a private joke of my old AA co-workers on me...I can never, ever have a normal trip by history), hopefully retiring to a 3.5 star rented resort condo (which was cheaper than a regular room, go figure). Thank God for the heavy discounts dished out by Hotwire...excluding gasoline to and fro, the small condo rental actually prices out less than the wrestling ticket. God and jail willing, I suppose I'll blog on this event as well...unless I get too depressed about being alone again this year. If my next posts include the video and lyrics to Queen's fabulous mantra "(Find Me) Somebody to Love", you'll know I had a somewhat melancholy break.

My very best to you all reading and I will have a silent toast that we will all have a healthier, happier, and wiser year in 2007. Be safe, be joyful, and be blessed. Love and best wishes always to you and yours...wherever that may be.

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