29 December 2006

End of year stock taking continues

My deepest apologies friends, family, critics, haters, rebel-yellers, and FOB (friends of blog) for my temporary absence...

A very quick post today to alert you to the following, should anyone care:

  • I made it through the Christmas holiday, although not as well as I hoped and, in doing so, have also determined that TV selections are only getting worse with each year...when I want to clean more than watch movies, something is wrong.
  • I am in a 'funk' of sorts, wishing I was with good friends Down Under but cannot be this season (a situation only heightened by the daily travel pics from Becca and Amie, and the frequent webcam pics from Sarah's new house webcam in Rose Bay...oi vey, take mercy, people).
  • I have made several attempts to get out of the house (and unfortunately away from computer and away from updating, as the laptop is on loan in Spain) and not gain any more weight or feel any more sad for myself, with varying degrees of success.
  • I am going to go see WWE professional wrestling tonight (laugh all you want, they are the best comedy on TV, hands down...or up, or around) with a friend; and then I'm attending the first local Town Hall meeting with now Presidential candidate John Edwards tomorrow (I'm figuring one event should 'cancel out' the lingering effects of the other one, but I plan to do recaps of each here, come back and read LOL).
  • I have gotten on and off the 'woe is me' stallion a lot the last few days and have realized I should just shut the hell up and deal with my anger, restlessness, and apathy privately for a change.
  • I am going to the beach for New Year's...not sure which one just yet, but a beach somewhere along the coast. It may not be Bondi Junction looking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks display, but damn it, I can take a postcard of the Bridge and put it on the dashboard...and somewhere I surely can find some sparklers to light.


  • I fully accept and enjoy having some of the best friends, family, and readers in the world, and can only hope some of their good continues to rub off on me.

    News update at 11, or as soon as I can. Best wishes and Happy New Year to all.
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