29 August 2006

Where My Mind Is Today: Enjoying the Circus, 2003

A quick note to let everyone know I'll be stepping away for a few days. I have to do several high-tension projects for work, have had a spate of personal issues which have required some time away, and also have to meet and greet with an attorney in DC within the next week or so. While my mind (and fingers) have several issues which require a public outlet, unfortunately time has not been a willing accomplice and so I must hold y'all in suspense (yeah, right). I hope to be back this weekend, Tuesday after the holiday at the latest. It's time to ape Moses, and go take my tablets to the people. Wish me luck.

That said, I'll finish with some reminiscence I've been doing over the last few days. Three years ago this week, I was unemployed, bitter, and pretty much without more than $5 to my name. (Now I'm just employed, been made a fool of, and with about $50 to my name until Thursday...then I'm flush again lol. And, yeah, I'm still bitter, but that's another diatribe for another time.) However, it was then that I was in my beloved Chicago in the summer, meeting new friends and living well on the cheap. And I was experiencing a fave band of mine in person...and also, for better and for worse, their fans and entourage (which is rather hysterical if you know anything about the sporadic history of this band). Most of all I was in contact with then (except for a couple I have parted ways with or have arguably decided to go missing in action) have reflected on the anniversary with great fondness. Strangely, too, many have remarked how my description then of the week has become even more appropriate as time has marched by: "too many freaks, and not enough circuses". If we all truly knew, I'm sure it's much stranger than that even.

Very few pictures remain of my actual TOFOG experience there (the jpegs died an untimely death with my computer earlier this year, the originals still held captive by someone I've not spoken to in months and most likely will never again), but I still have the memories. The above is one of the strong survivors. Forget Paris, folks, I'll always have Chicago 2003. And, somedays...somedays...those are good memories.

Take care to all of you...and I'll let you know what the attorney and editor said when I return. Have a happy Labour Day weekend, just in case my return falls after that.

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