31 August 2006

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

...especially when good cousin Ernesto decides to come and play havoc on your humble blogger's vacation plans. So much for going to Virginia and gathering up my spirits before moving on to DC to potentially face the inevitable with the editor-type and the immigration attorney. I normally love to travel (in any form), but this trip...drains me at present. When the Shenandoah County Fair and a bunch of Fitzgerald books were going to the be the highlights of this trip, that should tell you my heart's just not into the fight right now. Still, I must soldier on.

But not tonight, nor tomorrow. At the rate things are going outside right now (truly, is there a better calming experience than lying on your bed with the room pitch dark and listen to the rain hit against the window glass??...unless you have someone to snuggle with and share the calm with, mind you), come 7am tomorrow and the Nissan (aka Argentio, long story) will be able to float...even though technically its owner still can't. Be interesting to see exactly how much rain we really do get.

Updates from the nearest hurricane/tropical storm radars:

Wilmington, NC radar (left)

Raleigh-Durham region, NC radar (right)

If this storm actually was going to amount to something, we might be concerned. Since we're not, I'm just very content to listen to the rain pound down. And then sleep very, very soundly indeed.

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