27 July 2006

Road Trip This Way A-Comin'

Even less time tonight, as I am severely backlogged at work. However, I had to run some errands this evening and purely by chance (and the luck of God) I tuned into a radio station I normally don't while driving. And there, stuck at a stoplight breathing in too much exhaust from the tow truck in front of me, I heard:


(And at a baseball park, too, which is always a bonus for a baseball fan such as myself.)

And while this may be sacrilege to all of those who adore Dylan, but I'm actually equally excited at the prospect of seeing Jimmie Vaughan (older brother of the late guitar God Stevie Ray, and Jimmie's quite the God himself) AND Junior Brown. Holy shit...the songwriter in me is salivating, and the ex-guitarist in me is about to start seizing. And it's not like Dylan tours that much anymore...and at a baseball venue??? Who do I need to kiss?

From Bob Dylan's webpage:

Bob Dylan and His Band Summer '06 Baseball Tour

The Bob Dylan Show Featuring:
  • Bob Dylan and His band
  • Jimmie Vaughan with Lou Ann Barton
  • Junior Brown
  • Elana James & The Continental Two

  • And from Bob's 2006 Tour News:
    August 18, Winston-Salem, North Carolina - --(Friday)
    Ernie Shore Field
    Showtime: 6:30 PM
    General admission
    Ticket price: $49.50
    Also scheduled to appear: Jimmie Vaughan, Junior Brown, Elana James & The Continental Two.
    There will be an internet presale through Bobdylan.com on Wednesday, July 12 at 10:00 AM. (A password is required for the presale and can be found on the Bobdylan.com page.)
    Tickets will go on sale to the general public through Ticketmaster on Saturday, July 8 at 10:00 AM. Ticketmaster phone number: 336-722-6400

  • Bob Dylan (I can't even attempt a decent introduction here, except to say aside from maybe Burt Bacharach and Billy Joel, arguably the absolute best living American songwriter.)
  • Jimmie Vaughan (Interesting to me that he includes links to The Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and US Constitution from his main page...proud Texan if there ever lived one.)
  • Junior Brown (The official Junior Brown site is under construction so this will give you the basics of this great man and musician. And, as someone who's been to Claremore, Oklahoma, too, I perfectly understand why leaving to Austin was the best decision for him and the missus.)
  • Elana James & The Continental Two (Aside from several Irish bands or Celtic-themed bands and maybe Alison Krauss and Union Station, I don't listen to a lot to violinists. Given this lineup, it will be very interesting how the 'flow' of this show works.)

    And while I believe they gouge concertgoers left and right, apparently Ticketmaster holds the keys and tickets to the musical kingdom, or this one at least.

    Glad it's in Winston-Salem, though...really nice place to visit and it will be great for a road trip, too. More info on the venue, Ernie Shore Field. (You gotta support any team that voluntarily goes by the Warthogs...conjures up memories of TV's "Sweathogs"
    from "Welcome Back, Kotter" more than three decades ago.)

    SO glad now I've been holding back 10% for 'unexpected needs and/or wants'...can go do this lovely little thing and still stay on budget.

    And, yes, it's the little things that do make me happy. LOL. Life is good.
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