27 July 2006

For All My Old Friends Now Likewise Adrift

Just a quick note tonight as I've spending the last few hours trying to hunt down some old buddies of mine. A chat board and discussion room which has been sliding the way down to Spamville recently apparently has pulled up stakes altogether. While the site itself is still there, the chat and discussion boards (which covered everything from current events to some wonderful short stories and poetry) have been pulled. Admittedly it was a place more now for old friends to just hang out and check in online, and we most certainly knew changes were coming. Problem is while some were getting some money together to go host their own boards elsewhere, the existing one's departure came before adieus could be made, email addresses exchanged, what have you. So old online friends (some a half decade or more, in my case right at 4 years) got cut off from acquaintances without a proper end. And tonight has been a haphazard idea of where to go now and with whom. It's sorta like akin to showing up to school and finding the doors closed due to low student numbers...you knew something like this was going to happen, you just wished you had been there when the principal rang the final bell.

Somewhere during my scattered convos tonight, several of us fondly reminisced about where we had first met...back in Austin at the landmark Stubb's BBQ. Despite it all tonight and more than a few interpersonal battles along the way in times past, Austin is/was sorta the Mecca of this particular motley crew. Alas, none of us were in that fine town tonight and we hated that acceptance. But it doesn't mean we can't remember it with great love...

And to all of my old friends now likewise adrift, I raise a glass and salute you and all the wonderful times we've shared. Cheers.

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twitches said...

Aww - hope you find them!