23 June 2006

Update: More Confusing Reports from March 14

We are experiencing particularily heavy storms tonight, so the 'regularly scheduled' blog I've been outlining all day is on hold for this evening as I keep getting knocked off my cable-connected DSL. That said, there is also some important news re: new information on the alleged Duke University lacrosse team rape, beating, and robbery.

More than 500 additional pages of evidence were released from local DA Nifong to defense attorneys yesterday. True to form, not all of that evidence was then given to the press...the defense team can certainly be charged with 'cherry-picking' their PR information. However, the local Time Warner cable TV news station has done a short review of the new information ("Police report: Accuser in Duke case was nervous and changed story")...and also included a link to the newly released official police report (warning: explicit in nature; however, in sign of rare decency in journalism with this whole incident, the alleged victim's name has been blacked out to protect her identity).

Additionally, Sports Illustrated magazine has done a cover story ("The Damage Done")on the whole affair and is taking a good deal of heat about it, too, at least so far from HuffPo readers.

This is only going to get uglier...and stranger, if that's even possible...especially now that Nifong et al predict the soonest a trial to begin on this whole affair will be Spring 2007.

And the world and Durham turns. More commentary on the latter article after the storms subside, hopefully tomorrow.

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