24 June 2006

Saturday Catch-All

A few brief announcements in this entry, as I'm not feeling too well today and...while I love you all very much LOL...the last thing my body feels like doing right now is being tied to a computer in any fashion.

Maintenance items: I have finally redone the AdSense and other advertising buttons so people (hopefully) will not be accidentally reading an article and then get sent off to save the world's missing socks. I don't know why it happened still, but after many tests last night after the storms subsided, it looks like it's all good now. If you encounter further problems, please do not hestitate to contact me.

I have also moved a few things around thematically, not because anyone complained per se, but rather just because they were bugging me.

Per requests, I will also update the links on the sidebar to incorporate the more recently referenced ones, and also will 'flesh out' the blogroll. Yes, I do read several blogs, I just never knew anybody else cared what they were besides me.

which segues nicely to...

Brief Explanation of My 43 Things: Also on the sidebar you will find some of the 27 things I am currently 'doing' (I try to allow room for screw-ups and temporary tangents, as those that know me in real life know that I more than inclined to do). Good friends claim I am borderline ADD, I can assure you I am not (have been tested, though), but instead just a super-curious dyslexic Aquarian Aussieophile female transplanted Midwesterner...and that should explain everything.

For those of you not aware of the site, 43 Things is a great website that's part motivational, part inspirational, and part common-sense. In short, it lets you list the 43 things you want to do with your life, helps you find people doing the same or similar goals, and then provides a forum where you and others can support and devise ways to accomplish the set upon goals. Consider it a virtual community of like-minded people who all want the same thing and have tips and comments on how to achieve these. I'm fascinated I admit by how many of us want to 'fall in love' there (7226), but was depressed that only one other person wanted to study Leonardo da Vinci (and hence I ended up dropping it myself when I deemed some of the other goals on my list more tangible and/or immediate). Give it a try...some very interesting (and positive and forward-thinking) people frequent there.

Take care. I'll try harder tomorrow...promise.

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